Monthly Round Up: December 2011

Head rush, Carolyn Crane
Kiss of Frost, Jennifer Estep

Wow what a lame month. I’ve kinda lost my reading mojo haven’t I :/

I’ve had a lot on to be fair but hey, it is what it is. Head Rush was Decembers fave read. I’d been waited for what felt like forever for that sucka to hit my kindle. I’m sad that it’s the last book in the series. I know Jennifer Estep has other books out but the style of the books puts me off; form what I’ve read they’re on the silly/over the top side of things.

So now I now to wrap up 2011 and post my various blog reading challenge stats. February isn’t too late for that is it 😉


Monthly Round Up: October 2011

89. Spider’s Revenge, Jennifer Estep
90. Nightfall, Ellen Connor
91. The Diviner’s Tale, Bradford Morrow
92. Silence, Becca Fitzpatrick
93. A Touch of Crimson, Sylvia Day
94. Fallen, kristina Douglas
95. Demon, kristina Douglous

So it seems October has been a better month for reading than September was but let’s face it, that wouldn’t take much. I’m still on my TV buzz but not as much as last month. I’m feel quite stressed with a situation I’ve got going on but I really need to focus on reading if I have any chance of successfully completing my 150 book goal this year. I’ve kinda done better than I thought I would if I’m honest. I knew when I set my goal that around half way through I’d begin to flag, and I wasn’t wrong. What surprised me though was that I still kept going. My posting of my review took a hit, and I’ve still have loads I need to write up and get posted but I’ve done okay. I was hoping to use December to finish all the books I abandoned throughout the year but I’m thinking that may not be the best idea at the moment as it might stop me reading altogether.


Best read of October? Well Silence really surprised me. I thought I’d hate it, but even though I really struggled with Crescendo, I actually liked it. It was a really enjoyable read, but it wasn’t my fave. Biggest disappointment was Nightfall. I can’t tell you how bad that let me down. I just expected so much more than it turned out to be. Maybe it was I expected more from Ann Aguirre as I really enjoyed her Corrine Soloman series.

My favourite has to be good ole faithful Spider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep, followed by either Fallen or Demon but I think Demon has the edge on Fallen.

So on to November. I’m hoping my Situation evens out to enable me to get back into the swing of things ready for the last push. The way it is I doubt it. I’m fighting an ox.

Monthly Round Up: September 2011

September has to have been one of my worst months for reading since I was 19. I thought August was bad. Well September has left August in the dust. Five. A total of five books read, and one was a short story. I have no excuse except that I’m still trying to dig my way out of my reading slump. TV is the devil 🙂

I have actually watched way too much TV this month. -‘m eating it up like devil cake. I’m currently enjoying;
The Revenge
Son’s of Anarchy
Terra Nova
Jersey Shore
The Secret Circle
Downton Abbey
Warehouse 13
Hart of Dixie
Awkward (although this has just finished)

And that’s not including shows I’m downloading but have yet to start.

Anyway. Reading. I really enjoyed Outside In, Archangel”s Blade, and Touch or Frost. Archangel’s Blade being my fave of the month. I was only a little disappointed with One Grave at a Time.

85. Outside In, Maria V. Snyder
86. One Grave at a Time, Jeanniene Frost
87. Archangel’s Blade, Nalini Singh
88. Devil to Pay, Jeaniene Frost
89. Touch of Frost, jennifer Estep

Monthly Round Up: August 2011

I wish I could get out of this slump I appear to be in. Yes, I’m enjoying a lot of TV shows at the moment even though there’s still loads of books I want to read but never find the time. Obviously because I’m too busy sat in front of either my laptop or TV :/

Biggest disappointment this month was Working stiff. I thought that would be much better than it was, and I doubt I’ll carry on with the series. My fave was a toss between Inside Out and The enemy. I really enjoyed both.

79. The Poison Diaries, Maryrose Wood, The Duchess Of Northumberland
80. The Enemy, Charlie Higson
81. Working Stiff, Rachel Caine
82. Inside Out, Maria V. Snyder

I watched too many films during August:
Super 8
Kick ass
Rise of the apes
Diary of the Dead
The Road
Friends with Benefits

I’ve also managed to watch a lot of TV. A lot. I obsessively got into Fringe and watched all 3 seasons and I finally started series 4 of True Blood (and finished :'(). I also caught up with Bones and Sons of Anarchy, both of which I’d gotten seriously behind on. So all in all a very good month for TV, but not for reading.

Monthly Round Up: July 2011

An okay month this time round with a total of 9 books read. I’ve even managed to post it on time 🙂 Only 2 re-reads this month so I can add 7 to my 150 book goal. Sadly though I’m currently 7 books behind so I’ll have to get a shift on in August. Most anticipated book was Grave Dance, and I loved My Life as a White Trash Zombie.

72. The First Days, Rhiannon Frater
73. Ashes, Ashes, Jo Treggiari
74. Grave Dance, Kalayna Price
75. Firewalker, Allyson James
76. Strange Angels, Lilith staintcrow
00. Mind Games, Carolyn Crane
00. Double Cross, Carolyn Crane
77. My Life as a White Trash Zombie, Diana Rowland
78. Raised by Wolves, Jennifer Barnes

Monthly Round Up: June

A good month this time round, especially if it’s compared to the last few months. 13 books read and no re-reads! Mid month I began my zombie kick and it hasn’t abated yet. Two of my favourite authors had books released. Nalini Singh with Kiss of Snow, and Ilona Andrews with Magic Slays. I really enjoyed reading both of them. I’ve been waiting for Hawkes story for a while now. (Psy-Changling #10 by Singh). My favourite of the month has got to be Feed, with Deadline a close second. Feed introduced me to the zombie genre (although maybe Enclave prepared me a little) and blew me away.

70 books read out of the 150 challenged. I think I may be one book behind, but I think that’s only happened because I have at least four books that I’m more than halfway through and can’t seem to finish (Darkfever, Shiver, Passion, Dime Store
Magic), and I’m not really keen to abandon and read again in december.

58. Kiss of Snow, Nalini Singh
59. Magic Slays, Ilona Andrews
60. Street Magic, Caitlin Kittredge
61. Divergent, Veronica Roth
62. Enclave, Ann Aguirre
63. Feed, Mia Grant
64, Deadline, Mia Grant
65. Unearthly, Cynthia Hand
66. Matched, Ally Condie
67. Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion
68. The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Carrie Ryan
69. The Dead-Tossed Waves, Carrie Ryan
70. The Dark and Hollow Places, Carrie Ryan

Monthly Round Up: May

Reading has definitely slowed down these last few months but then I guessed it would. Only 6 books read. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. I have 7 books on the go, 6 of which I started but couldn’t really get into. Grave Witch was a really good read and Hunted by the Others received the lowest rating by me this month, and was the biggest let down. Most anticipated as Hard Bitten and it didn’t let me down.

52. Hell Fire, Ann Aguirre
53. Shady Lady, Ann Aguirre
54. Hard Bitten, Chloe Neill
55. The Restorer, Amanda stevens
56. Grave Witch, Kalayna Price
57. Hunted by The Others, jessie Haynes

Monthly round up: April

Oops I’m a little late with this. Sorry.

I didn’t get that much reading done this month, as you can see. I’m actually a little disappointed because it feels like I’ve not stopped but I have been very flitty, having to start a few before being able to settle. My favourite this month has to be the Elemental Assassins series by Jennifer Estep. I also enjoyed Magic on the Hunt, and Pale Demon. My Urban Fantasy Challenge gets a boost this month. I can add 3 titles that were published in 2011 to the list; Magic on the Hunt, Tangled Threads, and Pale Demon.

42. The Knife of Never Letting Go, Patrick Ness
43. Magic on the Hunt, Devon Monk
44. white witch black curse, Kim Morrison
45. Spider’s Bite, Jennifer Estep
46. Web of Lies, Jennifer Estep
47. Venom, Jennifer Estep
48. Black Magic Sanction, Kim Harrison
49. Pale Demon, Kim Harrison
50. Tangled Threads, Jennifer Estep
51. Blue Diablo, Ann Aguirre

Monthly Round Up: March

Only 14 read this month but I’ve read some really good ones.

I Absolutely loved The Disillusionists trilogy (well the first 2 books. I’m waiting impatiently for book 3!), and of course, the last 2 books in The Hunger Games trilogy. I found a new series that I’m really enjoying; The Rachel Morgan/The Hollows series. I’ve just started book 7. I also have to mention River Marked, the 5th book in the Mercy Thompson series, I really liked that one. There have been no re-reads this month, although I did start to re-read Unholy Ghosts by Staci Kane but I got distracted and didn’t finish it.

28. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins
29. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins
30. River Marked, Patricia Briggs
31. Wild Rain, Christine Feehan
32. Dead Witch Walking, Kim Harrison
33. The Good the Bad and the Undead, Kim Harrison
34. Every which way but dead, Kim Harrison
35. The Demon Trapper’s Daughter,
36. A Fistful of Charms, Kim Harrison
37. Living Dead girl
38. Mind Games
39. Double cross
40. For a Few Demons More, kim Harrison
41. Outlaw Demon Wails, Kim Harrison

Total read for March = 14

Monthly round up: February

Another good reading month! My favourites being Bitten and Hunger Games. As usual there are some re-reads (7) which won’t count towards my 150 goal, so are not numbered. 15 a new so they DO go towards my goal 😀  I’m a little annoyed that I’ve only been able to link 5 reviews though. However I do have another 9 to write up when I stop being so lazy.

13. Stormwalker, Allyson James
14. Bonds of Justice, Nalini Singh
15. Fallen, Lauren Kate
16. Torment, Lauren Kate
17. Crescendo, Becca Fitzpatrick
18. Play for Passion, Nalini Singh
Half way to the Grave, Jeaniene Frost (RR)
One foot in the grave, Jeaniene Frost (RR)
At Grave’s End, Jeaniene Frost (RR)
19. Some Girls Bite, Chloe Neill
20. Friday Night Bites, Chloe Neill
21. Twice Bitten, Chloe Neill
Moon Called, Patricia Briggs (RR)
Blood Bound, Patricia Briggs (RR)
Iron Kissed, Patricia Briggs (RR)
Bone Crossed, Patricia Briggs (RR)
22. Rebirth, Kelley Armstrong
23. This Side of the Grave, Jeaniene Frost
24. Bitten, Kelley Armstrong
25. Stolen, Kelley Armstrong
26. Dark Lover, JK Ward
27. Hunger Games

Total: 22

(RR = re-read)