Goodbye Old Hello New

I would have liked to include my 2011reading challenge statistics but I can’t seem to find them on Goodreads. Maybe they think its best to look forward not back, or something.

Ok so I failed my 150 book reading challenge of 2011! I only read 102 books but that’s no reason not to set another goal. I’ll just aim a little lower this time 🙂

I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump for the last few months so now is the perfect time to consider how to go about this. I still have a TBR pile that if the books where lined up, could wrap around the world at least once :/

So maybe I need to get these books read.

My goal this year is to read 75 books. That is half of last years challenge I know, and I know that I’m able to read more than that, but I’m setting myself up to win 🙂

Plus I want to take it slower this year because I only end up neglecting everything else and I have a ton, a TON of reviews and various blog posts to finish and get posted, that they really need to be my first priority.

Again, I know I’ve failed the 3 reading challenges I took part in from the blog sphere but I’ve seen a few I want to participate in. Like I said though; I’m going to keep them manageable.

So, a goal of 75 it is. I’ll think of the particulars later.

Up next will be November and December’s Monthly Round Up, then a 2011 Round Up. After that it’ll be back to the reviews. I have so many to finish. Last year I tried (and did manage to keep up for a while) to post three a week but this year I’m going to stick to one, remember I’m setting myself up to win!

Happy reading 🙂