I love reading and I love books. Lots of books. My house is full of them; bedroom, attic, dining room, kitchen, living room, shelves, cupboards, draws. Books in every nook and cranny. This year I was given the best christmas present ever. EVER. A kindle. I was reading maybe 2/4 books a month in 2010, but in August alone I read 17 (I was successfully avoiding college work). Having a kindle means I can read even more, which is always a good thing, right?

Right now I’m all about Urban Fantasy but I do read others: fantasy, paranormal romance, biography, travel, adventure, history, science and nature.

I’m 35, have a boyfriend, 3 teenage boys (13,15,17), and work part-time. I love easily and hate hard.

I’m going to try and average 3 books a week throughout the year but I’m going to only post 2 reviews per week. I originally started posting as I was reading, but I know at some point I’m going to run out of steam. This way I’ll be ahead of myself when I do. I’m currently (as of 20/3/11) 16 reviews ahead of my posted reviews so you may find that some of the reviews of books I read in January are posted in February. For a clearer idea of which books were read when check out the month tags, or the monthly round ups.

I feel that I should mention that my reviews (if they can really be called that) are based on my feelings, my enjoyment, and my experience of reading the book and that is all. They aren’t based on plot or sentence structure or any other element of writing a book. I may on occasion mention these things but they are not solely based on them. I’m not qualified to comment or pass judgement on the elements of writing a book, but I am qualified to express my feelings, so that is what I do 🙂


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  1. Dear Bookworm

    I see you love paranormal tales packed with vampires, romance, and bloodcurdling suspense. My book, The Fire of Dawn, has recently been released for Amazon Kindle, seems to be right up your alley.

    It’s the last day of the summer holiday in The Hague when Leah Koopmans’s carefree life as a teen is brutally flipped upside down. Her pale skin turns a dazzling gold, her senses heighten, and her muscles possess an uncanny strength. But with these exhilarating new powers comes a thirst that can only be quenched by one thing: human blood

    While her body craves for fresh victims and her heart drowns in guilt, she meets inhumanly handsome Max Machiavelli, who claims that Leah is an immortal like him. Infatuation ignites into blistering passion when Leah joins his coven in Amsterdam. But as the mysteries shrouding her sudden change to immortality unravel, she quickly learns that her aversion to taking life isn’t the only thing that sets her apart from this group of herculean strangers.

    From the picturesque canals of Amsterdam to Corsica’s limestone cliffs and the untamed Siberian wilderness; from first loves to fierce battles, The Fire of Dawn is an extraordinary tale packed with romance, betrayal, and bloodsucking suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very last page.

    If you would like a free copy, please reply and I would be really happy to send you one. I would also be honored to partake in an interview about The Fire of Dawn, my life in China, and all that dwells inside a writer’s mind.

    All the best and keep on reading.

    V.V. Aku

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